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Martin Kirk
E-RYT 500

Martin is an accomplished biomechanic therapeutic specialist who holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering. Martin brings his engineering skill set and his vast knowledge of biomechanics to the field of injury therapeutics with unmatched skill and precision.


His easily accessible nature helps to make human biomechanics, anatomy, and the principles of yoga therapy available to everyone.


As a certified yoga instructor, he has directed over 230 trainings in 18 countries. He has authored the best-selling book, Hatha Yoga Illustrated which has been translated into seven different languages and is utilized widely for yoga teacher trainings.
As a Biomedical Engineer, Martin teaches how a skillful balance of alignment can be interwoven with a deep understanding of anatomy and therapeutics. He brings a passion for the latest in Biomedical Engineering technology such as 3D bioprinting and Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine directly into his sessions to keep his clients abreast of the latest options in healing technology. He has been able to share these teachings to a very wide audience through his extensive travel as well as through online courses.

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