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We believe in a different approach to yoga teacher training.

Rasika (RA-si-kuh) is a Sanskrit word that as an adjective means "tasteful, of good taste, elegant" and as a noun means "one of good taste or with refined feelings; a connoisseur." It therefore refers to one whose yoga practice guides them into a refined and true experience of the sublime through engaged living.


To achieve this, our training focuses on more than just physical asana practice. While this is an imperative and deep part of the experience, the true value of Rasika Yoga School goes deeper.


We prepare you to create and teach meaningful yoga offerings while emphasizing inward growth and self-study to develop your unique voice.


Learn reasons why Rasika is different here.


For Program Details, including dates, costs, locations and an application, click here.

At Rasika, yoga is not just something we teach; it is a lifestyle. Rasika Yoga began with our own training days back in the early 2000s.

We came together again and again as friends and later as fellow teachers. We have each owned and directed thriving and well-respected yoga studios in our individual cities: Stacey, City Yoga in Columbia; Kelley, The Bindu in Cornelius; and Sarah, Sangati Yoga in Charlotte, now incorporated into the Align and Flow style at Be Yoga. We have each led workshops and retreats nationally and internationally.

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