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At Rasika, yoga is not just something we teach; it is a lifestyle.

Rasika Yoga began with our own training days back in the early 2000s. We came together again and again as friends and later as fellow teachers. We have each owned and directed thriving and well-respected yoga studios in our individual cities: Stacey, City Yoga in Columbia; Kelley, The Bindu in Cornelius; and Sarah, Sangati Yoga in Charlotte, now incorporated into the Align and Flow style at Be Yoga. We have each led workshops and retreats nationally and internationally.

Every story has a beginning

Stacey, Kelley, Sarah all fell in love with Anusara Yoga (AY). AY was built upon three interwoven aspects: community, the fine art of biomechanics, and a life-affirming philosophy. We all became certified in AY. In time, we served on the certification, curriculum, and mentoring committees of that school. Although we parted with the AY school in 2012, the aspects that resonated with us became the cornerstones of Rasika.

We began planning immersions together in 2006 and led our first one in 2007.

And then, there were 5.

Originally named Carolinas Yoga Teacher Training (CYTT), we became Rasika Yoga School in 2014. As our regional community and teacher training grew, we decided to invite the excellent teachers Sari Weston and Allison Modafferi to our primary staff.

Why did we choose to work together?

We each had been contemplating offering teacher trainings and decided it would be a lot more fun to team up. We felt there was a huge benefit to collaborative effort, and we knew that we would be able to offer so much more together than separately. Now, we recognize more than ever how important collaboration is for our own personal growth. It also benefits our students because as they learn from our multiple perspectives, they are empowered to develop their unique voice as a teacher.

What comes next?

While our history is rich, we believe the best is yet to come. The main thing that's missing in our story is you. 

Each year our students give us something that we would never have without them. We are the teachers, but we believe the best teachers are committed to a lifetime of studentship.

Check out our course details and reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to having your contribute to our story.

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