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To know yoga, is to know yourself; that's where our training begins.

Rasika Yoga is a school of yoga that works on multiple levels of our being. We offer a yoga teacher training that is a journey for your soul, where you deepen your own yoga practice on levels of body, mind and heart. We teach you how to teach in a grounded, life-affirming philosophy that becomes a lens for how to engage and show up in the world.

Below are some other reasons why Rasika is different.

Separate yourself from the majority.

Many 200-hr yoga teacher trainings are more “immersions” than teacher trainings. Immersions focus on important yoga topics such as philosophy, anatomy, and deepening your asana practice. 


With our training, you'll also be prepared on how to teach this information, making every class you teach more authentic and meaningful to your students.

Experience means a lot; we have a lot of it.

With over 60 years combined teaching experience from our faculty, you will have the opportunity to study with and apprentice under some of the most highly respected yoga instructors in the region.

While there are no shortcuts, our goal is to help you maximize your growth speed by understanding lessons we've learned over our long careers.

Take the time to let every bit sink into your being.

Our 9-weekend training spans 7 months, which allows this powerful personal investment to root itself deep within you, while continuing to live life.

Fast-paced crash-course trainings may seem attractive to "get it done", but students who want more than a certification title will value the journey over the destination.

Experience teaching right away and develop your own voice.

With the opportunity to observe and assist weekly classes in thriving yoga studios, you'll end up with the confidence to teach a powerful yoga class upon graduation.

Surprisingly, many trainings leave this out of their curriculum and it shows in the quality of the classes their graduates can lead.

Receive a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification.

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level. Upon successful completion of the 200-hr Rasika Yoga Teacher Training program, you may register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher.


Yoga Alliance is a non-profit, nationally recognized organization that oversees industry standards and a national registry of RYTs. For more information, please visit Yoga Alliance.

Keep the growth going, even off-the-mat.

Every student is connected to a mentor throughout the training process, which allows you to get the feedback you need in-between training weekends.

This incredible value allows students to go deeper, get important questions answered, and experience a personal touch beyond the classroom.

Create a powerful foundation to build a fulfilled career (or lifetime) of yoga.

Whether you are interested in being a teacher or just want to deepen your study of an ancient tradition, our curriculum guides you to uncover the best version of yourself and spans a broad spectrum of topics.

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