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Feel confident in your decision.

We've assembled a list of some of the most common questions we get asked - be sure to reach out if you don't see what you're looking for here!

What happens if I need to miss part of the training?

Sometimes missing a day or a few hours during a 7-month training is inevitable and often unexpected. We can arrange a private session with one of the trainers to help you make up any hours you may miss. The cost for a one hour session (which equates to four hours of training missed) is $100. Please look at the dates of our training and clear your calendar ahead of time before enrolling. Review the full Attendance Policy under program details.

What are the outside homework requirements?

Outside hours of study and practice are a component of any good teacher training. These hours will include reading, taking classes each week, observing and assisting in classes, journaling on a provided question, brief daily meditations, and practice teaching to a group of friends. We understand that your life is busy and you have responsibilities beyond this training so we keep this in mind when assigning homework. You will also be assigned a mentor who you can reach out to at any point during the training with any questions or concerns.

How many trainees do you usually have in the training?

This varies year-to-year but averages between 15-25 trainees. The good thing is that with five full time trainers you will have plenty of personal attention throughout the training!

Can I arrange a homestay with someone in the community so there is no additional hotel charge?

Absolutely! We think it is an asset to travel between the 3 locations of our training because you begin to connect to the larger regional yoga communities and become aware of events hosted within each studio. Having a homestay with a fellow trainee or long-term student is not only a wonderful way to cut costs but also creates an opportunity to develop a long term friendship. Homestays are arranged at the beginning of the training between the three studio directors. During your application process there is a place to indicate if you want a homestay arrangement.

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