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Kelley Gardner
E-RYT 500
The Bindu, Founder, Cornelius, NC

The practice of yoga invites us to explore the vast inner landscape of our natural response tendencies. It offers the daily opportunity to refine awareness, develop sensitivity, and to know ourselves deeply. And the magic of going deep is that we come out both lighter and more free.
Born and raised in the south, at age 16 Kelley met someone who introduced her to the poets Rabindranath Tagore and Rumi. They read poetry, sat quietly, contemplated, and talked about meaning, context, and life. This was her first introduction to eastern philosophy. “Mama Riera” would become a lifelong mentor.
Kelley took her first hatha (physical) yoga class with Charlotte yoga teacher Mary Lou Buck in 1989. In that class she came to know deeply that yoga wouldalways be a part of her life. In the early 90s she became the first yoga teacher for the Mecklenburg YMCA (North Meck/Davidson) community. By 1995 she had completed certification in Kripalu Yoga and held certification in Anusara Yoga from 2005-2012. A social worker by education (WCU 1980) and an energy worker since 2000, Kelley has woven together yoga therapeutics, self-inquiry, discovery, understanding, and techniques for healing into almost 20 years of private practice.
Meditation and regular ongoing studies of eastern philosophy enrich her personal and professional life and teaching. She is honored to have studied with renowned PhD scholars Douglas Brooks, Bill Mahony, and Paul Muller-Ortega.
She is currently in the process of completing John Immel's Masters in Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition program. Long fascinated by the body/mind connection, the focus of her thesis is on the connection between the gut microbiota and its effect on emotions.


Kelley’s richly layered teaching style blends lightheartedness with a deep grounding in decades of personal practice, meditation, and study. The clarity of her instruction is seasoned with stories that make movement, breath, and intention come alive on and off the mat.

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